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We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to your brands marketing needs. We practice the art and science of handcrafted PR, developing a customized strategy and seeking precisely targeted placements and exposure over sheer numbers of media hits.


When we started 662 Marketing, it was of the mindset that local businesses needed general marketing help, that was truly affordable.  So in our first few months, we listened to clients in our college town, Oxford, speak about how they wanted to get their product/brand in front of the



Our founder, Kate Rosson found herself stumped!? But how could they  really market their product to the parents of these college students currently?  After all, the parents aren't reading the local magazines laying on a rack in the shops or restaurants around town here. No, the parents were hundreds of miles away, trying to figure out their childs' new found college town from afar. Just like her family had been nearly 20 years ago.


When Rosson went to college more than 800 miles from home, her family was too trying to figure out the best car shop, or doctor or a seamstress that really knew their "stuff "in her college town - they wanted a truly vetted reference.


When you stump a marketing gal who also loves fulfilling needs, you've found what she bore: Parents of College Students - Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn...  and so on. You get the drill.


Rosson was born and raised in New Jersey, graduated high school in Florida and then went off to Ole Miss for college more than 20 years ago. Needless to say, she can relate to most out-of-state parents out there and can also relate to the many small town businesses doing their best to bring you the best.

Est. Feb 2018


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Est. Oct. 2019

And coming soon to your favorite college town!
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